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Sparrowflight is a light brown tabby she-cat with bright green eyes, black stripes, a black-tipped tail, a white muzzle, chest, paws, underbelly, a nick in one ear and three scars on her back.


Sparrowflight is a deputy.


Sparrowflight was raised in ReedClan.


Sparrowflight is overall a nice cat, and will give shelter to any cat who needs it. But there is a rough side to her tongue, and she used that side of her tongue when a softpet(kittypet)-born loner tom called Patch arrived at the ReedClan camp, shortly before Spiderfang, the Clan deputy before Sparrowflight, became deputy, and the Clan leader then, named Tawnystar, gave shelter to him, because he was only about five moons old at the time. Patch had fun in ReedClan, and when he became the age to begin his apprenticeship, Tawnystar let him join ReedClan fully, and was given the apprentice name of Barkpaw. Sparrowflight had never been too fond of him, because he had kittypet blood, and she always thought that he would never become a proper, loyal Clan warrior, rather like Sandstorm acted when Firestar first joined ThunderClan. Then, to Sparrowflight's dismay, Barkpaw became a warrior, being given the warrior name of Barkpatch. Sparrowflight made sure he slept quite a distance away from her in the warrior's den. Sparrowflight's older brother Thistlefang's daughter, Poppypaw, was older than Barkpatch, but was still an apprentice, because she got a bad injury from an attack from a group of rogues which had been exploring Clan territory. Poppypaw's injury healed, leaving a nasty scar on her flank, and she left the medicine den. She found a nest beside the Clan's new warrior Barkpatch. Soon, after Tawnystar died, Doveflight, Tawnystar's former deputy, became Dovestar, the Clan leader, and chose Spiderfang, her mate and the father of her daughter, Lakebreeze, as her first deputy, Barkpatch and Poppypaw, who had been given the warrior name of Poppyheart, fell in love, and became mates. A few moons after, Poppyheart gave birth to Barkpatch's three kits, Oatkit, Brownkit and Wildkit, who later became Oatclaw, Brownheart and Wildflower. Sparrowflight loves she and Nightwhisker's kits, Rosethorn, Ashstorm, Mapleheart and Thrushfeather.


Father: Brackentail

Mother: Moonflower

Brothers: Thistlefang, Mudclaw, Pebblestripe

Sister: Flowerpetal

Mate(s): Thornpelt(formerly), Nightwhisker

Sons: Fogtail(with Thornpelt), Ashstorm(with Nightwhisker)

Daughters: Silverstorm(with Thornpelt), Rosethorn(with Nightwhisker), Mapleheart(with Nightwhisker), Thrushfeather(with Nightwhisker)

Grandfathers: Leafstripe(mother's father), Falconswoop(father's father)

Grandmother: Tawnyflower/star(mother's mother), Russetleaf(father's mother)