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ReedClan Territory

This is where ReedClan cats hunt, and sometimes fight over borders with other Clans. While ReedClan cats like to eat fish, water voles and sometimes ducks, they also hunt a squirrel, mouse, rabbit or other land prey sometimes. If it rains heavily for a period of time, ReedClan territory is the most likely territory to get flooded, since there are so many streams and rivers in their territory that can easily burst their banks. ReedClan cats prefer to hunt early in the morning, sometimes at dawn even, when not many other Clan cats are awake yet, and the forest is peaceful. ReedClan cats' most commonly caught land prey is sparrows, since they are usually seen out stretching their small wings early, so they are easy to catch early in the morning, and ReedClan cats have a big tree in their territory called the Dawn Oak, and ReedClan cats often use it to watch the sun rise and set clearly from high points on the oak tree's branches.


ReedClan cats are RP'd here! :D