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This is where LightningClan cats hunt.

There are lots of voles mice and lizards in this forest.


Leopardkit-*runs and pounces on a mouse* "I GOT ONE!!!!!!!!"

Forestsong purred then pounced on a mouse "I got one too" he purred

Mudkit-*chases after a bird*

Blackkit-*Pounces on the bird Mudkit was chasing* "WE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!"

Forestsong "Nice catch, you all are going to be the best hunters in our clan" he purred and licked her heads

All kits-*Jump on Forestsong* "Really?"

Forestsong purred "You all are already hunting better than me" he laughed

All kits-Yaay!!!!! *tumble all over each other, giggling.*

Cloudstripe-"Should we head back to camp?"

Forestsong "Sure" he said with a smile

Tabbykit-*pads in*