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Hollypaw- tabby striped creamy-gray she-cat.


Hollypaw discovers the rats who live in a small dip in the earth, in ShadowClan's camp. She is very frightened at first, but when Darkpaw and Tatterpaw leap in to fight the rats, she decides to help them, and eventually, they defeat them. However, Quailfeather is injured by some of the rats, and Hollypaw is very shocked. Tatterpaw comforts her, and when they all arive at camp, she go's to the apprentices' den to sleep. She comments that Pansyfur looks plump, and is ticked off by Pansyfur, who yells at her, in a bad temper. Hollypaw is seen, pestering Mothpaw, to put damp moss in Tatterfall's nest. Hollypaw is shown to have really wanted to become deputy, instead, and she is aparently very jealous of Tatterfall, because of this. Hollypaw reveals to Flowerpaw that she is in love with her brother, Tatterfall. She explains that this is why she has been behaving so weird around the ShadowClan deputy. Flowerpaw is suprised and shocked and Hollypaw begs her not to tell him, because she doesn't think he loves her.

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