Flightstar was a big brown tabby tom. His eyes were amber, and he was very ambitious. He had a lot of enemies. His mate was Speedflight, the medicine cat.


When Flightstar was an apprentice, he scored a scar down Brownfurs leg, thus making an enemy. He seemed to be very ambitious, and hurt a lot of cats on his way to leadership. He met a young Seaclan she-cat, when he was an apprentice, and broke her heart, because she thought he loved her. Her name was Waterpaw. He was mates with Moonpelt for a while, but she left him for Brownfur. When he fell in love with Speedflight, they became mates. He caused a lot of unjust battles between Eagleclan and then other clans, although he didn't know that a small band of cats from all five clans were plotting his downfall. Eventually, the seaclan she-cat who he broke the heart of, now Waterflower, decided to her own back on the cat she had once loved, and drove him under a cliff. She didn't die, but Flightstar lost his last three lives, at once. In his last breaths he told her that he had loved her, but he had also loved Moonpelt and Speedflight, and strangley Tansyfoot, another she-cat, in his clan. In grief, Waterflower kills herself, to be with him. When they are in the dark forest, Flightstar laughs at her, and says he was lying, to avenge his own death. Waterflower runs off, depressed, as Flightstar gloats to himself about all the bad things he has done in his life, and claims that he will seek power over all the clans, as he was going to do, before Waterflower killed him.