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Eagleswoop: golden brown tabby tom with a white chest, paws, underbelly, and amber eyes.


Eagleswoop and Hawktalon were born to Ferretclaw and Honeycomb. When Eaglekit was an apprentice, Eaglepaw, his mentor was Flameflicker. He had high hopes of becoming deputy and then leader as an apprentice. As a warrior, he almost became deputy, but got Whitecough and Darkshadow became deputy. Eagleswoop decided that he didn't care to be deputy anyway, so he settled down with his mate Moonlight. When Brightstar came to tell Moonlight that she had kits and needed them to be taken care of. At first Eagleswoop said no, but he looked at the kits and decided that he would look after them.

When he found out that Amberheart became deputy, he was overjoyed. He knew that even though Amberheart and Runningswift had different parents, he would always love them like his own kits.