Eagleclan are mostly seen hunting in forests. They spend most of their time wary of the other clans, because of the state their last leader, Flightstar, left them in.


Leader-Goldenstar roleplayed by Clarrissa.

Apprentice-Mistpaw. .

Deputy-Owlclaw roleplayed by Pantherstorm.

Healer-cat-Speedflight roleplayed by Clarrissa.

Healer-cat Apprentice-Willowherb roleplayed by Dovesong12

Warriors- Flowerfur role played by Shadeflower.

Salmontail roleplayed by Clarrissa.

Foxtail roleplayed by Riverpelt


Mistpaw- ginger she-cat, daughter of Goldenstar and Salmontail.

Queens- none currently

Kits- none currently

Elders- none currently


(You can roleplay EagleClan cats here)

Goldenstar-*pads in to camp*

Owlclaw- *eats a blackbird and walks up to Goldenstar* "did any of the other clans give you any trouble?"

Goldenstar- "No, not really, but LightningClan are a bit jumpy. We'll have to watch them, incase they start stealing prey."

Owlclaw-"yes we will."

Mistpaw-"Does anycat want to come hunting?"

Flowerfur-*pads out of the warriors den*

Mistpaw-*pads in.*

Goldenstar-*walks in with fresh-kill* "Hi, which cats'd like to go to the gathering, tonight?"


EagleClan Forest