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DarkClan are a Clan that like to hunt in thick forest. They are suspicious of Eagleclan, since Flightstar


launched an unfair attack on them, this was ages ago, but Lionstar, who is very old, still remembers.


Leader- Lionstar-roleplayed by Clarrissa.

Deputy- Breezesong-roleplayed by Breezestar;

Medicine Cat- Nightspots- Rp'ed by Breezestar.

Warriors- Frostflower-roleplayed by Pantherstorm.

Bramblefang-Rp'ed by Breezestar.

Sandfeather-Beautiful tortoiseshell and white she-cat with blue eyes

Gauzefur-gray she-cat with brown eyes. Roleplayed by Zoe.

Squirrelflight-is a dark ginger she-cat with green eyes, a white paw, and a bushy, long tail, Roleplayed by Squirrelflight♥

Brambleclaw-is a broad-shouldered, muscular, dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes, Roleplayed by Squirrelflight♥

Apprentices- Foxpaw-is a reddish-brown tabby tom, Roleplayed by Squirrelflight♥


(This is where you roleplay DarkClan cats.)

Lionstar-*pads into camp and sits down*

Bramblefang-*walks over to Breezesong and twines his tail with hers*

Breezesong-*Pads over to Lionstar* "How was the border patrol?" "Did the other clans give you trouble?"

Frostflower-*pads out of the warriors den* "I'm ready to go hunting, does anyone want to come with me?"

Breezesong-"Yeah, I'll come."

Bramblefang-"I will too" *stretches* "I need to get out of camp"

Frostflower- "Ok, where do you think we should hunt?"

Breezesong- How about Two-rocks?

Rosepaw-*Runs over to the group of cats* "Can I come?"

Bramblefang-*Nods to his apprentice* "Yes, you can come. But be careful. Okay?"


Lionstar:"The border patrol was fine, I'll go hunting, too-I need to stretch my legs."

Breezesong-*Starts toward camp entrance* "Let's go!"

Squirrelflight-Hey wait for me! Can i come?

Squirrelflight-*See's her apprentice running tord her.*

Foxpaw-Can i come.

Squirrelflight-Lets go hunting by our selves.


Squirrelflight-Lets go!*They all leave together but then split up*

A cat-walks into camp.

Lionstar: walks over to the cat.

Cat: What is this place??

Lionstar: This is Darkclan. Who are you and what do you want?

Cat: I am Gauzefur. I will join this clan.

Lionstar: Okay, I hope I can trust you...


Darkclan Forest