Brackenclaw: golden furred tabby tom with amber eyes.

About BrackenclawEdit

When Brackenclaw was a young warrior, he fell in love with Brightfur and they met for many moons. What he didn't know was that she had given birth to two of his kits before he died, Amberkit and Runningkit (Amberheart and Runningswift). When a badger attacked his patrol one day, Brightfur and her patrol caught up with them and attacked it as well. When Brackenclaw scourged the badgers muzzle, it flicked him up into the air and through him against a tree. His mate, Brightfur, was wrecked after she saw this happen. Brackenclaw told her that he would always love her no matter what. He is proud of his kits who are now warriors and Brackenclaw has hopes that one day they will meet in StarClan.