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Amberheart: golden brown tabby she-cat ith white paws, chest, and underbelly, and amber eyes.


Amberheart was "born" to Moonlight and Eagleswoop as a kit along with Runningswift, but her real parents were Brightstar and Brackenclaw. She was always close to Eagleswoop and looked up to him for advice. Moonlight was Amberheart's rolemodel, because she was so sweet and caring. Amberheart always looked forward to being deputy and leader as an apprentice. Her mentor was Swiftstep a black-and-white she-cat who she grew close to. Amberheart's best friend though was Riverpelt and they always had fun together. When she and Runningswift found out the truth about their parents, she was heartbroken and would not talk to Brightstar. But they soon forgave her because they care about her.

When Amberheart was almost a warrior, she became friends with a warrior called Quickflash and she fell in love with him. They have been mates for a while now but since Amberheart is deputy, she cannnot have kits, until she becomes leader. Her best friend, Riverstar, became the new leader of Thunderclan and she was so proud of her.